A place where YOU belong.

A Well in the biblical days, was a place where people could come and get water. Wells were a life sustaining place for everyone, and more. A Well was a place where people gathered, it was a place where everyone belonged, and a place where everyone is welcome. We believe that The Well, at Destination Church, is the same life giving place where everyone belongs.

Life is a journey, and where you’re going matters to God!  Psalm 68:6 says “God sets the lonely in families…” Our goal every week, is to make every student who walks into The Well feel like a part of our Family! Come check us out!

Every single week we pursue Jesus. Our Wednesday night service starts at 7pm. We are passionate about our worship. We will have live worship that is lead by an incredibly talented team of students and youth leaders. After worship we split off into small groups. Every small group is based on age and gender. We currently run 4 different small groups; 2 middle school groups and 2 high school groups. Our small group leaders are TOP NOTCH! They bring it every single week! We end the night by hanging out and playing dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and ping pong among other things. 

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