Our Values

What is important to us?

Building Bridges to Reach the Lost

Jesus coming to us was the greatest missionary act we will take the first step towards others, we will help people belong so that they can believe, we will build comfortable environments for people to hear an uncomfortable gospel message, we will make our preferences secondary to God’s passion for the lost, we will both challenge and encourage, we will be tied to the message and not the method, we will embrace change, and we will be excited about what Jesus has done for us.



Discipleship best happens in relationship we will work to build a culture of connection, we will be authentic, we will recognize there is more we can do together than on our own, we will offer love and prayer for one another.



Jesus came not to be served but to serve we will live out the power of serving others in a self-centered world, we will be a blessing to others, we will recognize every member of the church is important, we learn to articulate what we do to serve God, we will create opportunities for service and then release people into service, we will see service as both inside and outside the church.



Discipleship is not about perfection it is about direction we will give time for life change to occur, we will be patient with the process of what God is doing in others, we will view both success and difficulty as opportunities to glorify God, we will acknowledge that God is still working on us and our church.

Our Strategy

How are we helping people become Jesus centered and Jesus sent?

Gathering for a Weekly Service

There is something special about God’s people coming together in one location. Jesus promised his presence for people who gather together in his name. We still believe in the power of the weekly worship service as one of the best methods for accomplishing the foundations of the New Testament church: worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, communion, & baptism.

Connecting through Small Groups

Relationship building is hard to do without time together. Our emphasis on connecting moves us beyond the weekly church service to weekly small groups. We are convinced that there is a powerful link between healthy small groups, healthy churches, and healthy people.

Reaching Out to our Community

While we get really excited about Sunday mornings, in church life and personal life, we must make a concentrated effort to reach out. Outreach in the form of special events, community partnerships, and compassion based ministries help us to engage our city.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in knowing more about God, new to church, or haven’t been in church for a long time, what should I do?

Continue to pray and seek God. The Bible says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” One of the best ways to continue seeking God is to find a Jesus-centered, Bible-centered church that you enjoy attending. Make it a habit every week. Get around other people who are regularly seeking God. Find a small group where you can get to know other Christ followers and learn and fellowship and ask questions. Pray. Learn about why Jesus is so important and what his life, death, and resurrection mean for your life.

Do I need to dress up to attend your church?

No. While we do have a wide range of dress in our services from jeans and a t-shirt to suits, we tend to recommend modesty and encourage you to be comfortable

Why do you sing songs together (worship)?

Because God created music, his people have always had a tradition of honoring him with song writing, singing, music, and instruments. The singing portion of our church service is an outward expression of a life lived to honor God (also called worship). Though the style has changed over the years, from traditional Jewish songs to Reformation hymns to the contemporary worship movement, the importance of worship has not changed. Worshipping God with song teaches us about Him, prepares our hearts for Him, and helps us to be close to Him.

How would you describe your worship service?

Our worship is modern/contemporary and passionate.

Why do people raise their hands, clap, and passionately express them-selves during the worship service?

The Bible describes all of these as symbolic acts of worship. Hand raising is a symbol of praise, of pleading, and of surrender. Clapping and even shouting were for celebrating God’s goodness and victory.

Why does your church collect money each week?

Giving financially is encouraged by the scriptures because it supports ministry of the church, expresses dependence on God, and express thanks for His provision.

What kind of church is Destination Church?

Though we tend to think of ourselves primarily as followers of Jesus we understand that there are many people with various denominational backgrounds and questions. Destination Church is a part of a fellowship of churches called the Assemblies of God. We are evangelical and Pentecostal/charismatic (believe in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.)

Will my kids like coming to church and what does the church offer for them?

In a word, YES! (see programs). Our Sunday children’s program is one of the best. They have a great time singing songs, learning Bible stories, watching puppets, enjoying object lessons, and being with other kids. Our nursery, toddler, and K4-5 programs have a warm staff and the facilities were completely remodeled in 2012!

How can I schedule an appointment to speak with a pastor?

The best thing to do is call the church to set up an appointment through our receptionist or one of our pastors, 904-724-7466.